Nothing Gives a Look of Elegance Better Than Marble

When it comes to giving your bathroom a facelift there is nothing that will give it a classier look than having marble tiling installed. It is durable, beautiful and gives a wonderful highlight to your fixtures. Marble is a naturally created stone, so no two pieces will ever be alike. Each stone will have its own unique swirls, colors or patterns.

Are There Benefits to Using Marble Over Other Stones?

There are many benefits associated with using marble on your walls, floors and countertops. Their durability is perfect for areas of the home where a lot of work might take place such as a kitchen. Apart from their obvious eye-catching appeal and strength they will also be:

  • A virtually non-porous surface so it is much harder for water to seep into them
  • Resistant to stains and scratches if properly maintained and treated
  • Ideal when installed as flooring in areas of high traffic because they are easy to clean and will stand up to everyday movement

Marble Comes from All Around the Globe

When speaking with a marble supplier in San Francisco you can expect to find marble from all around the world. Places like Italy, Portugal, Spain and Brazil have been using marble since ancient times. By visiting a supplier that offers marble from many different sources you will have the widest selection possible to choose from. You can achieve the exact look you want for any area. Best of all the look will be unique to your home.

If you would like more information on why marble is the perfect solution to your decorating needs, please contact Carmel Stone Imports by calling 1-888-633-0669. Their trained professionals can tell you about the different marble products they have to offer and set up a consultation.

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