Needing The Help Of Septic Tank Companies In Bonney Lake, WA

Many areas exist in Washington with no public sewer system, and anyone who builds in these areas must install a septic system. The system that should be installed depends on soil quality. Gravity and unique bacteria allow a traditional system to work. To do this, first, a contractor buries a septic tank on the property. Pipes are installed to allow waste water or effluent to flow in and out of the house. Moreover, the tank handles more than sewage. Water from the washing machine and other fixtures flows through the septic system. Gravity forces solids to the bottom and bacteria breaks it down. The cleaner effluent flows out of the house and into the drain field.

The soil in the drain field contains additional bacteria. As a result, effluent is cleaned again and goes into the soil. Likewise, Septic Tank Companies in Bonney Lake WA offer pressure distribution systems. This type of system is used when the soil is shallow. Shallow soil is defined as being between 12-to-30 inches. Traditional gravity systems require deep soil to function properly. Therefore, a pipe is used to push pressurized waste water underground. A smaller pipe transports the waste water to the drainfield. Finally, the effluent must be spread over a large portion of the drainfield.

Septic Tank Companies in Bonney Lake WA have other options in areas with shallow soil. For instance, a sand filter system uses a pump. The pump pushes effluent into a large buried box. The box contains sand and drain-rock. A pressurized pipe network spreads effluent over the sand. Another pump conducts effluent to the drainfield where it is cleaned and flows into the ground. On the other hand, a sand mound is a raised drainfield. This drainfield is built into a mound using sand. Pressurized pipes are used to push effluent into the mound. A gravel bed inside helps to clean effluent and push it deeper into the soil.

Regular maintenance is required no matter what system is used. Of course, traditional gravity systems need pumping every three-to-five years. In addition, there are rules about what can go into a septic system. Be sure to ask the contractor to thoroughly explain these rules.

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