More Things to Consider When Choosing an Art Gallery

Choosing the right art gallery to display your work in is a very important step in your road to becoming a successful artist and should not be taken lightly. While it would be easy to simply choose one of the top Chicago art galleries, you need to find the one that is right for you. Choosing the right gallery can very well be the difference between being recognized and overlooked. So, what are a few more things you should consider?


When you are looking for an art gallery for your work, check into a gallery’s reputation in the art community. Do not rely on public sources, as these are rated by people who happen to have visited the gallery more than people who work with art professionally. While this is still a good indicator of a galleries reputation, you should be sure it hold up when you ask people within the art community. If a gallery appeals to the public, but not to your targeted audience, then there may be little point in working with them. You may sell a piece, but are unlikely to be seen by a large collector or someone with a reputation of their own within the community which is what you really need to succeed.


You should choose to work with a gallery that is in a central location. If you choose to display your work in a gallery that is not in an easy to get to, central location then you are less likely to be seen by potential clients. This will not hurt your reputation, but it is not going to help you progress either, so make sure you choose a location that suits your needs.

Finding the right gallery can be difficult, but it is an important step in succeeding as an artist. Before you work with a gallery make sure you know their reputation and that they are in a central location. Remember, a gallery’s reputation can hurt you as much as it can help.

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