Claiming Your Veteran Disability Benefits

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Attorney

It should not be hard to get disability benefits from service related illnesses such as PTSB and TBI. Although it should be easy, in many cases it is not. The Department of Veterans Affairs states that you are eligible for benefits as long as your injuries relate to your years in service and that you have been granted an honorable discharge. This being the case, many disabled veterans ask why they have to suffer through delays that last for months and even years before they see approval of their claim. These veterans can significantly improve their position if they engage the services of lawyers specializing in veterans benefits.

Seasoned lawyers can help gather the information that is necessary, including medical background date and testimony that can help support you when you are claiming benefits for yourself or for survivors. Those that are charged with the responsibility of reviewing applications at the VA will deny benefits for the least little anomaly. Lawyers can help speed things up, appeal a wrongful denial of benefits or challenge an incorrect disability rating.

Post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury:

* PTSD is debilitating, so much so that veterans suffering from this disorder are more than twice as likely to take their own lives as those who have never served their country and three times higher than the general population.

* PTSD was not recognized as a clinical condition until 1980, prior to that it was simply known as “shell shock.”

* Traumatic brain injury is another condition that can leave the individual affected with a life-long problem which includes such issues as behavioral problems, depression, raging headaches, nausea and more. Of all the debilitating injuries, TBI is most common.

Whatever the disability; as a veteran you have the right to expect that you will be compensated. Although the process can be frustrating, if you work alongside lawyers specializing in veterans benefits you will see results faster.

If your application for veterans disability was denied you should contact lawyers specializing in veterans benefits. You are invited to contact the Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices at

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