Making Important Changes with a Phase Adjustable Power Source

Most power supplies operate at one voltage and one frequency. A phase adjustable power source, however, allows for changing voltage.

What Are Power Phases?

Power phases essentially show how many power conductors there are. A single-phase power supply is typically used for heating and lighting. This means that all of the voltage remains the same. We commonly see this within the structures of our homes because we rarely need multiple changes in voltage and supplies when operating home devices. A multi-phase source, or a phase adjustable power source, means that multiple alternating currents can be offered at one time as opposed to just one, which is typical. This is incredibly efficient and allows for less drawing on a current. These can be found in motors and other industrial items.

What Are the Benefits of a Phase Adjustable Power Source?

If you get power from a phase adjustable power source, it means that it can recalculate voltage needed, as well as current limits, based on what it’s being used for. This can save time and space when testing an item’s capacity.

Additionally, the more power phases available, the less of a load there is on each power phase individually. This produces less heat, offering both efficiency and stability as well as less of a risk of overheating.

Multi-Phase Programmable Power Sources

These kinds of power sources are made with the ability to adjust output amplitudes, frequencies, phases, enabled and disabled, and open and closed loop control. These programmable power sources can most commonly be seen for use in military research, for manufacturing planes and other aircrafts, and for testing in industrial environments.

If you find you are in need of an adjustable power amplifiers for testing purposes in your business, contact a local supplier who may be able to advise you on which products would best be suited to your project.

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