Conducting a Compressed Air Leak Survey

Compressed air is commonly used in a variety of different industries for specific applications. It is used for powering mechanical devices, and is also used for filling up gas in specific containers. Compressed air is generally stored in tanks, and a compressed air pump is used for filling them up. As soon as the pressure within the air tank goes below a certain limit, the compressed air pump turns on, and fills it up again. However, in larger factories, and industries, compressed air often runs through the pipes, and a centralized pump is used for regulation purposes. What if there’s a leak in one of the pipes? A minor leak might be very difficult to detect, and it will increase your utility bills significantly over the course of the year. A compressed air leak survey is an essential requirement at least once a year to check for leakages.

Hiring an Energy Auditor

The first thing you need to do is to hire an energy auditor to conduct the compressed air leak survey. There are numerous firms that offer detailed energy audits for local companies. The company will first conduct a thorough survey of the nature of your business, and the size of your factory before giving you a quote for the audit. Auditing is essential if you want to save money in the long run, and reduce your utility expenditures. If there’s a big leakage that hasn’t been identified, you might end up paying hundreds or thousands of dollars more.

Conducting the Survey

While the compressed air leak survey is being carried out, you will probably need to shut the facility down. The survey can usually be conducted within a few hours or may even take a day or two, depending on the size of your facility, and the different machines.

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