5 Ways to Know You Have A Great Nurse

From hospitals to home care to international travel nursing, nurses are arguably the cog in the wheel of healthcare that keeps everything running smoothly. In addition to working as helpful companions for their patients, nurses also administer medications, perform crucial health maintenance tasks, and train in a variety of life-saving procedures in the case of an emergency. Their experience and knowledge are to be admired, but how can you tell whether your nurse is truly one of the best?

1. Nearly any medical professional or person who has received medical care can agree that communication skills are perhaps the most important thing a nurse can possess. Does your nurse make eye contact with you? Are they capable of explaining the care they are providing?

2. Efficiency as a nurse is more than just effective communication. Empathy is equally important. Compassionate nurses who can provide comfort while performing their other duties are the best nurses in the industry.

3. Minority Nurse rightfully emphasizes the importance of problem-solving skills. No one said nursing is easy! But with innovative solutions to improve the care of their patients, a great nurse can make almost anything happen.

4. The ability to keep calm under pressure is essential for nurses. This is especially important in critical care nursing and international travel nursing, when emergency situations may be more likely to occur.

5. Scrubs also reminds us that nurses must be physically durable, too! In addition to spending long hours on their feet, they must also be able to lift heavy patients when helping with transportation.

While these are only a few qualities that make a great nurse, they’re all important! Together, all five of these traits combine and complement one another to create a healthcare professional who is friendly, compassionate, and competent.

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