Three Household Pest Infestations That Require The Services Of A Professional

There are many types of insects that can infest a house in Harford County and some of the most common pests are cockroaches, bed bugs and fleas. These household pests are very difficult for individuals to get rid of and a pest control company, such as Atlas Exterminator Co Inc in Harford County, should be called as soon as possible. Read the information below to learn important information about infestations of these bothersome pests.

Cockroach Infestation

Individuals who live in an apartment building often see cockroaches in their unit because these insects can travel through the heating vents in the building. Roaches come out of their hiding spots at night and they crawl around on the kitchen counters looking for crumbs of food.

When individuals see cockroaches during the daytime, this is a strong indication that the house is completely infested. To prevent this occurrence, it’s important that individuals call a pest control company as soon as a single roach is seen.

Bed Bug Infestation

These small insects have a thin body that’s flat, so that they can hide in the smallest of areas in the home. Most bed bugs are found in an individual’s bed and on the mattresses, However it’s also typical for bed bugs to hide under carpeting, behind wallpaper, in upholstered furniture and behind baseboards. Once a home becomes infested with bed bugs, these insects can be found almost anywhere inside the house.

To remedy the bed bug problem, individuals must contact a pest control company, such as Atlas Exterminator Co Inc in Harford County. Since bed bugs will crawl everywhere in the home, individuals must launder all bedding and clothing in hot water and then dry it on the hottest setting.

Flea Infestation

Another common pest that’s difficult for individuals to eradicate on their own are fleas. Pet owners often have flea infestations, especially if their animals frequently go outdoors. Fleas multiply extremely fast and they hatch out of eggs that fall in the carpeting.

When individuals first spot fleas inside their home, they should thoroughly vacuum all carpeting. A pest control company should be called as soon as possible before the fleas get out of control.

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