Low Vision Rehabilitation: Consulting A Therapist

Those living in the United States, including in Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Florida, eye problems may increase with age. Those individuals who find themselves with facing vision issues, particularly age-related macular degeneration (AMD), help is available from several sources. However, your best resource is a professional in low vision rehabilitation. He or she can be very helpful when it comes to setting a course through these challenging times.

What Is a Low Vision Therapist?

Therapists can be helpful during stressful times. For those who discover they have AMD, low vision therapists are priceless. They are professionals in this area. Since the late 20th century, people with AMD have found the role therapists play to be significant in ensuring they receive the right type of services. A low vision rehabilitation therapist delivers a wide range of services including:

* Visual assessment

* Designs interventions to improve visual acuity

* Works with the individual to develop certain necessary skills to help maximize vision capabilities

* Facilitates the patient’s application of specific visual devices and other adaptive aids

Throughout the rehabilitative sessions, the focus by the therapist is on making sure the approach provides the visually impaired individual with the services he or she needs to function optimally in this new condition.

In these tasks, the low vision therapist does not work alone. S/he becomes a member of a multi-disciplinary team of eye-specialist including ophthalmologist’s, optometrists and physical therapists. The therapist also consults directly with the visually impaired and his or her family and even friends to ensure the best possible outcome.

Low Vision Rehabilitation

No matter whether you live or work in Minnesota, California or even Alaska if you develop AMD, you need to put together a team of professionals. One of the most important members should be a low vision rehabilitation therapist. S/he is responsible for unifying the team together to create a system that will work in your favor.

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