Christmas Candles: The Evocative Power Of Scent

Christmas is a special time of year. It evokes so many emotions within us. Except for birthdays, Christmas is the one time, many families of varied cultures look towards the past. As a holiday, it is a time when the good in us all is expected to rise to the surface and triumph. It is also, like many good holidays, one in which the scent of smell plays a large role. This explains one reason why Christmas candles can recall us to this season’s past.

The Power of Scent

Research clearly indicates the strong bond between our sense of smell and the conjuring up of memories. Christmas scents can trigger our recollections of Yule’s past. They can conjure up the celebrations of childhood and create strong links between what we did in in the past and what we do in the present. The scent released by a burning candle can easily trigger this “trip down memory lane.”

When purchasing Christmas candles, be very aware of this connection. Consider such factors as you choose the best possible candle for your friends, acquaintances, and family. Purchase quality candles that:

Represent the best the season has to offer

Are attractive and suitable for the recipient

Reflect the individual – color, scent, environmental stance, etc.

Possess excellent levels of throw (circulation of scent)

Always pick the candles personally. When in doubt, select the classic green and white candles containing with their fragrant wax the traditional scents of Christmas present, past, and future.

Christmas Candles

When purchasing a Christmas gift for someone, consider the power of scent. Help them reconnect with the pleasant memories of past celebrations. They may be small tokens of the holidays, but Christmas candles can pack a powerful wallop. They can trigger the emotions, sensations and influential feelings of past Christmases, igniting and setting into motion the enjoyment of the current one.

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