Loose Diamond Jewelers in Worcester MA

All jewelers have a selection of diamond jewelry in various forms and settings. Some rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, charms, pins, and a host of other jewelry pieces will have diamonds in them in most sizes and shapes. The value of the diamonds will differ, based on the piece and the price, but they will already be in a setting. Those that offer custom designed pieces will have a few loose diamonds in the safe for that purpose only. It is not as easy to find loose Diamond Jewelers in Worcester MA. In order to buy and sell diamonds properly, professionals who are certified by the Gemological Institute of America in diamonds and diamond grading select hundreds of thousands of choices. These diamonds are available at the store location and online at the website.

Certification allows Diamond Jewelers in Worcester to recognize the four “Cs” of diamonds and impart accurate information to customers when providing selection assistance. Those four “Cs” include cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Each category has a multitude of options. The cut grade ranges from excellent to poor, while clarity has six options that range from flawless to eye visible. Eye visible refers to imperfections that can be noticed by looking at the diamond with the naked eye rather than a jewelers magnifying glass. The carat weight can be minimal and goes up to 40.5 on the diamond search engine found on the Cormier Jewelers website. The shape of diamonds has eleven choices, including oval, marquis, emerald, and princess.

Diamond pricing depends on several factors and the combination of those factors. A flawless, half carat diamond in a pink hue, for example, may cost the same as a full carat, eye visible one. One thing to keep in mind when selecting loose diamonds is that the cost goes up exponentially as the size increases. What that means is the price of a one carat flawless diamond will be higher than the cost of two half carat flawless diamonds. The diamond search page provides a wealth of information about every field of selection, so it is easy to use, even if you know nothing about diamonds. Customers simply fill in the fields and view which diamonds fit the criteria. There is a place to enter a price range as well, so customers will not be shown choices that are outside their budget.

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