6 Tips for an Amazing Courthouse Wedding

Planning for a courthouse wedding doesn’t have to mean rushing through the details or throwing romance out the window. Read on for tips on how to pull off a fun and amazing event:

Don’t forget about the dress

A killer dress can set the mood just right. Take your time picking out one that’s perfect for your personality – whether that’s fun and quirky or sweet and romantic.

Get some blooms

Flowers add another touch to the event. A simple bouquet is perfect and easy enough to get. It’s going to add the right touch to your wedding pictures as well.

Send out invites

These don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can do it yourself, says Glamour. They can be fun and quirky – -a reflection of both your and your fiancé’s personalities. For example, do you love Star Wars? You could use that for a theme! That’s certainly going to make a memorable and lasting impression on guests and family.

Get a photographer

You’ll want to set aside some of your budget to hire a good photographer. An excellent photographer will be sure to capture unforgettable moments of your special day. It’s like having a memory capsule. Every time you see that photograph of your spouse walking down the aisle or you and your family looking happy, it’s going to send you back on a pleasant trip down Memory Lane.

Look for packages

Go for a wedding package. This can save you a lot of time, money and effort in the process. If you want less stress and hassle planning for D-day, courthouse wedding packages may be the perfect solution for you.

Have fun

Don’t forget to have fun on your special day. Whether you’re at the courthouse or at the beach, there’s something about exchanging vows with that one special person in the world that just can’t be beat.

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