Residential Heating Repairs in Omaha NE May Be Avoided by Changing the Air Filter Regularly

Furnace air filters are intended to boost air quality and keep dirt and other particulates out of the home. Heating and cooling technicians are understandably troubled when their customers don’t take the simple, affordable step of changing the air filter regularly. A dirty, clogged filter can result in a need for Residential Heating Repairs in Omaha NE sooner than would otherwise be the case because it forces the appliance to work harder. In fact, that extra effort required by the furnace week after week can shorten its expected lifespan. There are other reasons to regularly change that filter as well.

Utility bills can become higher when the air filter is dirty, since the equipment runs longer during each cycle to achieve the same temperature results. That’s the case whether the furnace or the central air unit is running. More heating fuel or electricity is required to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. Now, in addition to a more likely need for Residential Heating Repairs in Omaha NE, the homeowners have to pay extra for climate control each month.

To keep the furnace as clean as possible between maintenance appointments, it’s best to avoid cheap flat filters and choose pleated models instead. Even the least expensive of the pleated filters are significantly more effective than flat fiberglass versions. However, the home’s residents may want to buy a higher-quality product to block smaller particulates from getting through the system. Higher-end filters are designed to hold tiny bits of pollen and other allergens so they do not enter the duct pipes and blow into the home.

Although it might seem that a clogged air filter might be even better at blocking particulates, that’s a misconception. The filters become worn over time and especially as they are filled with various tiny bits of materials. Eventually, the filter fibers can break down and allow particulates back into the air. Technicians from a company such as Accurate Heating & Cooling recommend changing the filters as directed on the instructions, and putting in a new device each month is even better. That’s a small price to pay to avoid bigger expenses. Visit the website and change that filter soon.

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