Lockout Services in Stroudsburg, PA Keep Locksmiths Busy

Locksmiths can rekey locks or replace locks, depending on the individual needs of a client. Some clients do not know the difference between rekeying or lock replacement when seeking lockout services in Stroudsburg, PA. Therefore, it is important to explain the differences so that customers are better informed about each process.

Rekeying a Lock

When a lock is rekeyed, the locksmith has to replace the springs and pins in the cylinder of the lock so that they work with the new key. Unless a lock is malfunctioning or a different style is desired, locks can be rekeyed, so they operate with better efficiency. That is why it pays to have the contact number of a locksmith who can provide lockout services and security hardware in the case of an emergency.

Better Key Control

The rekeying of a lock enables a homeowner or business to maintain better control as well, especially when there is a change in possession of real estate. Key control basically means that all the keys that operate the doors in a business or home have been inventoried. Once a key is loaned out or lost, though, key control is lost. That is why lockout services are necessary in cases of emergency.

Removing a Lock’s Master Pins

Today, in many single-builder subdivisions, locks are master-keyed. That is why it is essential that homeowners have their locks rekeyed in these instances too. While the use of a homeowner’s key may prevent the future employment of a contractor’s keys, master pins are frequently left in new homes’ locks. Because each pin doubles the number of keys that can operate a lock, as many as 16 keys can be used to open a door. Therefore, rekeying removes the master pins and keeps a home more secure.

Lock Replacement

In some cases, locks must be replaced because of wear, even when providing lockout services. In these instances, an upgrade makes sense to guarantee the protection of a business or residence. To see how you can benefit from rekeying or lock replacement, contact us for further details about locksmith offerings.

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