Tips for Planning on Basketball Court Installation in Branford, CT

The bounce of the ball and the sound of it hitting the net on its way through the hoop is unlike anything else in the world. Sports enthusiasts know the sound well, especially when the score means their favorite team wins. For those looking to bring the experience of a basketball game closer to home, it might be time to look into Basketball Court Installation in Branford CT. Hours can be spent on the court perfecting a jumper or getting ahead of a defender. Either way, to make this dream a reality, residents need to start with a little planning.

Find out where the basketball court is going to go. While it can be tempting to just guess on the size of the court and the amount of space available, take the time to mark out the dimensions to get a better idea of how the yard is going to look with the new addition. Think about whether a half court is enough or there is room for an entire court with two goals on opposite ends.

After finding out how large the court is going to be, think about what kind of materials are going to be used to make the court. It may look like concrete is the only component, but there are actually several layers on the surface to ensure that the court is protected from things like standing water or other damage. Discuss the options with a professional from Atwater Paving to learn more about what options are available and how each one can make a difference in the surface of the court.

Come up with an estimated cost for the project. While the bill can add up quickly, it is important to remember that this is more than just a great place for the kids to play. This is an investment in the property. This is something that should, with the right maintenance, last for many years to come. It’s worth putting in a little extra money now to create a place that the kids and their friends are going to enjoy. Before getting started with basketball court installation in Branford, CT, take the time to plan things out and come up with what will be best for your team.

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