Here’s Your One-Stop Catholic Wedding Checklist

With all of the things that you have to keep in mind while planning a Catholic wedding, it can be extremely easy to forget an essential item or two. You can avoid this by keeping a handy list within easy reach so that you have constant reminders of what you need to get done. If you aren’t sure what you need to include on that list, read this article to refresh your memory about a few things you’ll need.

Your Date and Location
You can’t hold a wedding without having a solid venue in place. Just keep in mind that a lot of locations tend to get fully booked during certain months, especially on the weekends. You need to pick a venue at least a year before your wedding date if you want to be sure you’ve got a place to hold the ceremony.

Your Officiant
Try to find one within your area so that you won’t have to factor in expensive travel fees. For example, if you live in Texas, you might be able to find a officiant by using a site such as Texas Wedding Ministries.

Your Ceremony Structure and Rules
Your wedding officiant will most likely be able to walk you through this. For example, what is the dress code for the bride? What readings and blessings would work best for your ceremony? Do your best man and maid of honor both need to be Catholic as well?

Your Music
What songs do you want during your wedding? For example, “Ave Maria” is one popular piece for most Catholic weddings. Also, will your church provide performers or will you need to find your own?

We hope this list has helped remind you of some of the more commonly forgotten items on most Catholic wedding checklists. Good luck!

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