Learning What Causes A Chimney Leak In Rockville

A Chimney Leak Rockville can be caused by any one of a number of things. It’s important to get to the bottom of a chimney leak because it can lead to other problems. Fortunately, there are contractors who are skilled at dealing with chimney problems of all types.

Causes Of Leaks

An easy way to get a Chimney Leak Rockville is to not use a chimney cover. When a chimney cover isn’t used, water can come straight down a chimney. A cover for a chimney isn’t just to keep out the water. It also serves the purpose of keeping out animals. The last thing a person wants is a nest or dead animal blocking their chimney. That could lead to a problem with carbon monoxide. Such a problem could prove fatal.

More On Causes

There are some other reasons why a chimney might be leaking. If the chimney crown has a crack, the chimney can leak. A crown problem might start because of faulty installation. It can also come about because of the structure itself moving around. Whatever the cause may be, it’s important to contact a company like Reliable Roofers Inc to take care of it. The problem can only get worse and that can lead to other issues with the chimney.

What Else Can Go Wrong?

The problems that a chimney can have don’t stop with cracked crowns and missing covers. A chimney can also have problems with its flashing. The flashing is what helps to keep water out of the area of where the chimney actually goes through the roofing. When there is space in the flashing, water can easily leak through. There can also be problems with the bricks or mortar. If any of the material is cracked, water can get through and cause problems.

Dealing with chimney leaks isn’t something a homeowner wants to tackle by themselves. Unlike changing a pipe under a sink or cleaning out gutters, chimney repair can be difficult. It’s best to hire a professional service that can quickly troubleshoot and repair a chimney. Getting the chimney cleaned out from time to time is also a good idea.

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