How to Prudently Prepare to Visit a Car Accident Attorney in Virginia Beach, VA

Being in a car accident often happens when you expect it the least. An incident such as a seemingly simple car crash can have a devastating impact on property and victims of the accident. To recover losses from a car accident, it’s prudent to see an accident attorney in Virginia Beach, VA promptly following a wreck. The following tips will help victims prepare for an initial consultation.

Complete a Client Intake Form

Before meeting with a car accident attorney in Virginia Beach, VA ensure that a client intake form is completely and accurately filled out. It’s beneficial to have this form ready for the initial consultation so the attorney can get a better understanding of the incident. Some requests for information may include your work address, email address, home phone number, and fax number. A client intake form will request details of the accident such as the time and day of the incident, parties involved, and extent of known property damage.

Prepare a Comprehensive Accident Summary

On a separate paper, provide details of the accident from start to finish. This includes known injuries to yourself and others involved in the accident. A chronological detail of the events will provide the lawyer with a concise summarization of the incident. Point out the key issues of the accident. Highlight these with a marker. Include descriptions but avoid going off topic. It’s helpful to keep facts to a page or two to avoid confusion.

Provide Evidence

One of the most important parts of recovering losses due to an accident is to provide evidence. Relevant documents and other pieces of evidence can back up your description of the car accident. This includes photos and videos of the accident’s aftermath, police reports, and correspondence with insurance companies. It’s vital for a car accident victim to have as much proof as possible of injuries including medical records and medications required as a result of accident injuries.

By implementing these useful suggestions, it will be easier to communicate with the lawyer. Using these tips can also offer you an enhanced chance of being accepted as a client. For information on legal services related to an accident, please talk to a professional at Price Perkins Larkin. Areas of practice this law firm handles include auto accidents, personal injury and medical malpractice.

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