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by | May 26, 2017 | Pet care services

Because we are one of the area’s top doggy day care providers, people are often surprised to find that we do not recommend doggy cay care for all dogs. Just like people, dogs have individual personalities. That means that, while most dogs love a doggy day care environment, some of them would do better with having a regular dog walker providing them with midday exercise. The happiness of your pets is important to us, so we have put together a list of things to consider before bringing your dog to doggy day care.

  1. Is your pet immunized? We understand that some people may disagree with vaccinations, but pets who are not immunized are not only at risk of contracting diseases, but also of transmitting them to other animals at the day care. That is why most doggy day cares require proof of immunization for the most commonly transmitted diseases. While you may be able to find doggy day cares that do not require vaccinations, you should be wary of those places and ask about their other health guidelines.
  2. Is your pet dog-aggressive? You may think that one way to help socialize a dog-aggressive pet is by taking him or her to doggy day care, but that approach can backfire and result in injuries to your dog. If your pet is dog-aggressive, working with a trainer before introducing him to an open play environment is a great idea.
  3. Is your pet especially timid? Doggy day cares can do wonders for timid pets, helping bring them out of their shells and interact more with their people and other pets. However, they can also reinforce fears and make a timid dog skittish and nervous. That doesn’t mean that doggie day care can’t work with a timid dog, but it means you may want to start out with a smaller time period and see how the dog does.
  4. Is your dog destructive? Destructive dogs are bored dogs who need more mental stimulation and physical activity. Doggy day care is a great way to provide your dog with both.

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