The Humble Skid Steer

Once, not too long ago, the backhoe ruled landscape sites. Today, you are more likely to find a skid steer. It first made its appearance in 1960, the first skid steer for sale is the product of a North Dakota company, Melroe Co. From such lowly and mundane beginnings, the skid steer has increasingly gained in availability, capability, and popularity in such places as Bellingham.


A skid steer or skid loader is a simple piece of equipment. It is compact, light and very maneuverable on sites where space is at a premium. Skid steers can perform a variety of actions including:

* Excavating

* Pulling

* Pushing

* Lifting

Skid steers are available in different sizes. They also are designed to handle different load capacities. Always make sure you put safety first by choosing the right type of skid steer for the job. Generally, the bigger the skid steer, the greater the load capacity. This can range from anywhere from around 800 pounds to more than 2 tons.


If you are looking at a skid steer for sale in Bellingham, you are probably considering using it in landscaping or construction work. It can also help farmers and ranchers by mucking out stalls and public works employees by grading roads. What tasks it is capable of performing depends largely not only on the skill of its operator but also the attachments. Some companies produce skid steers that offer more than 70 different types of attachments. The more common ones include:

* Augers

* Brooms

* Backhoes

* Buckets

* Forks

* Grading attachments

* Tillers

Operators can choose one for any of a multitude of functions.

Looking at a Skid Steer for Sale

If you decide to purchase a skid steer for sale, be sure you know exactly what you wish to do with it. While skid steers are truly versatile, it is essential to select a model that meets the requirements of the job. In Bellingham, remember, safety comes first.

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