Is Your Hair Salon Hygienic?

If you are going to a hair salon, it might not be as clean as you might think. Though there are plenty of clean and hygienic salons in Chicago like Red7Salon, not all of them are as clean as you might think. Here’s what to look for when you visit a hair salon in Chicago:

Take a Quick Glance Around

As soon as you arrive at a hair salon, casually glance around. Are the brushes and combs clean? Do you see any sign that the salon has disinfected things like clippers? Do you see any hair on combs or is the comb oily? If so, this means that the salon has not cleaned the combs and brushes between use, and they should.

Examine the Towels

You should also look at the towels. The towels should be neatly stacked on a shelf. You might even want to ask if they wash the towels on site or who washes the towels. A towel used by a single customer should never be used on another without being washed and dried. Fungus and bacteria can grow on towels, so salons should always provide clean towels.

Look at the Floor

Since people are always getting their hair cut at a salon, take a look at the floor. Is there a lot of hair there? Is the salon making an effort to keep the floors clean? The floors should be cleaned after each and every customer. A salon that waits until there is an unsightly mess on the floor isn’t putting in a good effort.

Peek at Your Stylist

Finally, take a look at your stylist. Do they smell good? Are their nails tidy, neat, and clean? Do they look their best? How does their hair look? A stylist who doesn’t care about their own appearance might not care about yours. So, make sure your stylist looks his or her best.

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