Information About Dental Implants for Macon, GA Patients

There is a cost to having teeth implants installed in your jaw. However, before you shy away from having this dental service performed, consider the cost of trying to care for your worn or damaged teeth with bridges, root canals, crowns, or dentures. You may find that it is well worth it to have dental implants. Macon, GA customers can benefit significantly from these implants which carry less risk than other potential solutions.

The Time Involved
The time it takes from your first consultation with your dentist about the possibility of having dental implants and the day you use your new teeth to chow down on a meal will depend on why you need the implants and the current health of your jawbone. If you have a porous or damaged jaw, you may need a bone graft which necessitates having a surgical procedure done and waiting for an extended recovery until your jawbone gathers enough strength to support a dental implant rod.

Aspects of the Procedure
You will be placed under a general anesthetic during your dental implant procedure. During the procedure, your gum will be cut open with your jawbone exposed in the area in which the tooth is to be replaced. A small titanium rod will then be inserted into a drilled hole in your jawbone. The jawbone fuses to the rod over the next several months.

Once your jawbone and rod have fused together completely, you will have a cast manufactured and a ceramic prosthetic tooth created that conforms to the shade and shape of your natural teeth created to fit over the titanium rod. This prosthetic tooth is bonded to the titanium rod, completing the procedure.

An experienced dentist can help you determine if you are a proper candidate for dental implants. You may be able to take advantage of payment plans to pay for the procedure in a more affordable manner. Unless implants are being done to replace teeth lost in an accident, you may not be able to count on your dental insurance to cover the procedure.

Contact a seasoned dentist serving the Macon, GA area today fewer interested in getting teeth implants.

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