Improve the Life of Your Vehicle With a Regular Oil Change Beaverton

The care and maintenance of your automobile is a crucial step to ensuring you get every possible mile out of your investment, but for most people their car is more than just transportation. In fact, for the majority of car and truck owners their vehicle is a status symbol which they are proud of. This is why so many automobile owners take the time to ensure their vehicle has a regular Oil Change Beaverton. Clean oil not only ensures your engine will last, it also helps it perform better. A clean engine can get a two to five percent performance boost with quality lubrication. If you have a performance engine then fresh motor oil is even more important. Visit website for more information.

There are two things that keep your engine operating cool and that is the radiator fluid that runs through the engine block and the motor oil that lubricates the moving parts. As the engine operates the oil flushes any used carbon and sludge out of the system. These are drawn into the oil to be deposited into the filter. However, as the oil gets used it collects more of the sludge from the engine which reduces its ability to lubricate properly. This in turn causes more friction inside the motor and results in more engine wear. The solution to this problem is a regular Oil Change Beaverton. Modern oil quality has improved dramatically. Today’s motor oils can survive for longer periods, usually between seventy five hundred and fifteen thousand miles between changes. Your vehicle manufacturer can provide the best guidelines for exact oil change schedules.

Along with oil changes there are other maintenance steps that can benefit your vehicle. For instance, rotating the tires can improve traction and balance the wear on the treads. You should also have the engine hoses checked and the belts adjusted. Belt and hose maintenance is some of the most neglected engine maintenance and one of the highest causes of vehicle breakdowns. Another useful maintenance project is to have the automatic transmission flushed. Cleaning the transmission can remove the built up sludge that clogs the tiny channels inside it. This can improve shifting and vehicle takeoff. If your car is in need of an Oil Change Beaverton or other maintenance be sure to visit Du Fresnes Auto Service Inc Beaverton.


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