Caravan For Sale in Maidstone – A Simple Guide to Buying a New Caravan

Caravanning is a hobby that millions of people around the United Kingdom enjoy. Offering freedom and convenience, driving a caravan around the country eliminates the need for accommodation, allowing you to tour new terrain with all of your necessities on board. If you are thinking about searching for a caravan for sale in Maidstone but have never owned a motorhome before, there are a few things you ought to think about first.

Touring or Pitch Caravan?

If you want the flexibility of being able to go anywhere you please, opt for a touring caravan. Most models are equipped with cooking facilities as standard, making them suitable for couples and families. A seasonal pitch caravan however is a better choice if you don’t plan on towing it. Although they are often compared to traditional static caravans they do offer more freedom, because they can still be moved from site-to-site. When looking for a caravan for sale in Maidstone, ask the seller if delivery and on-site set up services are included in the price of a pitch caravan.

Included Items

A caravan that is brand new and has been manufactured in the United Kingdom will normally come with a bunk ladder, water pump, mains lead, winding handle and entrance step. Not everything you need will be included though, so put some money aside for essential items, such as a caravan wheel clamp, a leisure battery, a caravan hitch cover and lock, a number plate, a cleaning and maintenance kit, a spare bulb and fuse kit, a fire extinguisher, a spare wheel and tyre, and moisture absorber crystals. A first aid kit will also come in handy if you encounter any injuries during your road trip.

Caravan Servicing

When you have decided what size, model, brand and items you require, you can focus on maintaining your new motor home. Servicing is essential if you want to reduce the chances of a breakdown and make your caravan stand the test of time. The manufacturer handbook will detail how often servicing should be completed but usually, an annual service will help you steer clear of problems. During a service, the heating system, water system, gas, electrics, tyres, brakes and chassis will be examined thoroughly. The better the caravan condition, the more money you can make selling it on in the future, so don’t hesitate in getting caravan servicing completed.

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