Important Facts about Endodontic Therapy

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Dental Health

If your tooth has been injured, or you are experiencing tooth decay, the nerve supply of your tooth (known as the pulp) is likely to be infected. And although this infection is not necessarily painful, the infection needs to be prevented from spreading through the root canal system of the tooth by carrying out an endodontic therapy (also known as root canal treatment).

What is endodontic?
This is a procedure that involves the treatment of the pulp and the surrounding tissue of the tooth, by removal of all the infection, cleaning and filling of the tooth to prevent further infection. Failure to carry out this treatment may lead to an abscess, a condition that will give you mild or severe toothache and ultimately lead to the need to have the tooth taken out.

Warning signs that endodontic treatment may be needed
1. Chronic sensitivity to heat or cold
2. Painful tooth or gum
3. Discomfort while chewing or biting
4. A large cavity that is visible from outside the mouth
5. Foul taste or odor from the infected tooth
6. Facial swelling
7. Discoloration of the tooth
8. Swelling of the gum
9. Swelling of the lymph nodes

Benefits of the root canal treatment
1. Improved chewing ability: The treatment will restore your tooth’s original functional abilities. The procedure also eliminates the need of extraction. You therefore can continue enjoying your favorite foods.
2. Improved appearance: The procedure often includes a dental crown, which is natural looking and comfortable, making your teeth to appear as good as new. This will save your smile and restore your lost self-esteem.
3. Protection of the other teeth: Root canal treatment will eliminate infection and prevent it from spreading to the other teeth. It also protects the gums and jawbone from infection.
4. Reduced costs: Compared with tooth replacement, root canal treatment is cheaper.
5. Durability: With proper restoration and care, the restored tooth can last a lifetime. Proper care includes regular brushing and flossing, proper diet and regular dental check-ups.

Before you consider removing a tooth, it is advisable that you consider an endodontic therapy. While you can always replace a lost tooth, nothing is better than your natural one, and this treatment will restore your natural tooth. Contact Dr. George Braithwaite DMD for endodontic treatment, regular cleanings, oral surgery and general dentistry. Get direction!


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