An Informative Guide To Selecting a Fashion Rings Jeweler

If you are familiar with the world of fine jewelry, you’ve probably come across what are called fashion rings. Fashion Rings are beautiful rings that can be worn on any occasion. When selecting a jeweler to purchase a ring from, it is important to look at a few aspects. Is the price marked up compared to other local jewelers? Does the jeweler stand behind their product? Is there a service and repair plan, such as lifetime cleanings? Are the associates friendly and relaxed? Do they seem to be commission driven and only out for the sale? These key points are things to consider when selecting a jeweler.

First of all, when selecting a jeweler such as Harry C Glinberg Jewelers, it is important to look at selection and price. Do they offer a wide variety or just a limited selection? Selections may vary from just a plain white and black diamond band with just a few stones, to a more extravagant rose and white gold pave band containing over 400 stones. As a side note, there are many price points on Fashion Rings. They can range from just over $600 to well over $15,000, depending on the size and style of the ring. There are ring options available for both men and women as well.

Secondly, when getting ready to purchase the ring itself, take into account the quality of metal being used to make the band. Jewelers generally offer several metal options such as 14kw (meaning 14 karat weight), 14ky (meaning that the product has a gold purity of 14 out of 24 karat gold), and 14ktt (meaning 14 karat two tone gold is used in the product), just to name a few.

Finally, what can be considered the most important aspect of shopping for Fashion Rings, is the customer service. Does the jeweler have a reputation of exceptional service? When you walk in, are you instantly greeted and made to feel at ease? Or do you feel like the jeweler doesn’t actually care and that the salesperson is only after a commission? It is best to steer clear if you feel the latter. Purchasing jewelry can be a very important and possibly expensive purchase in your life. Having a jeweler who is patient and willing to listen to your wants and needs however, can be priceless.


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