Important And Effective Tips Involving Immigration Law

Immigration is a hot-button issue these days. The U.S. is home to millions of immigrants who move here from all around the world. If you’re one of these individuals, it’s important that you work to maintain your status. Many immigrants in the U.S. are deported each year simply because they made a mistake or overlooked some small detail. Check out the following tips to make sure your immigration status is secured.

As someone who wasn’t born in this country you have extra burden on your hands. Most individuals in your position are allowed to work in the U.S. as long as they have a work permit. Unfortunately, these permits eventually expire, and when they do you need to work quickly to have them renewed.

Immigration and citizenship services are almost always backed up with countless renewal applications just like yours. You need to send your application in advance to prevent your status from expiring. If this happens, you may need to contact an attorney for Immigration Law.

Most immigrants in the U.S. are able to reside in the country because they’ve obtained a green card. Having a green card may allow you to live in the states, but the possibility of being deported still looms over you. Instead, you should try your best to obtain full U.S. citizenship. Having full U.S. citizenship can remove the threat of deportation, and can also benefit your family in and out of the country.

When it comes to Immigration Law, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services need to know where you reside at all times. In certain accidental deportation cases, an individual may move and forget to notify the USCIS. Ten days before you move you’ll need to notify the USCIS about your address change. This will keep them informed about your living situation, and will prevent any confusion in the process.

These are just a few very good tips you can follow if you’re currently a foreigner living in the U.S. Again, always plan ahead and send important paperwork in advance. Also, you should consider applying for full citizenship to receive additional benefits. Lastly, if you plan on changing your address, make sure you notify the USCIS ahead of time. Contact the Bell Law Office if there are any discrepancies.


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