Hiring a Motorcycle Injury Attorney in Murfreesboro TN after an Accident Caused by a Manufacturing Defect

Many product liability claims arise due to motorcycle defects. Like other types of motor vehicles, motorcycles can have defects that make a recall necessary. A recall may occur due to a design flaw, or if the motorcycle was found to be dangerous after being brought to market. Motorcycles have many moving parts, and they are commonly operated at high speeds. Common defects include:

1. Accelerator flaws
2. Faulty brakes
3. Poor wheel alignment
4. Hydraulic defects
5. Weak kickstands
6. Suspension issues

What is a Recall?

If a particular kind of motorcycle is determined to have a defect, the manufacturer may initiate a recall -; where the motorcycle is removed from the market. These recalls are usually facilitated by the NHTSA, and if a manufacturer is ordered to start a recall, they must issue a report describing:

1. The type of motorcycle affected
2. The nature of the defect
3. Ways to rectify the problem
4. Events prompting the recall
5. Scheduling

A recall may be required if the motorcycle manufacturer did not comply with federal safety standards, and in these cases, it may be necessary even if there have been no injuries as a result of the defect.

Remedies for Defects

Under an NHTSA recall, motorcycle manufacturers are legally required to offer a remedy to consumers. Usually, the customer is given the option to bring the motorcycle to the nearest dealership for free repairs, and if a repair is impossible, the customer may receive a refund. Some defects can cause serious injury, and if this has occurred, the motorcyclist may be able to file a product liability suit. To do so, a Motorcycle Injury Attorney in Murfreesboro TN must prove that their client’s injuries and losses were caused by the defect and not by their own actions.

Hiring an Attorney after a Motorcycle Accident Caused by a Defect

A motorcycle defect is a very serious matter, and can cause severe injuries and death. If you believe that your motorcycle may be included in a recall, you should Click Here to consult a personal injury attorney for legal advice. Your Motorcycle Injury Attorney in Murfreesboro TN will tell you more about your consumer rights, and he or she can help you file a personal injury or product liability claim.

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