Hydraulic Hoses Repair Service in Gary Indiana

Hydraulic technology has become central to many industries. Whether it’s manufacturing, mining, boat- and shipbuilding, construction, trucking, garbage collection and waste management or auto repair, hydraulic machines make these very industries possible. The capacity to lift several tons of material or machinery is provided by hydraulic lifters. The applications for hydraulic systems are endless. Central to any system is the ability to pump and shunt fluids under very high pressure. The lines carrying hydraulic fluid have to perform consistently under pressure load. Once those lines begin leaking, the system is compromised and will not perform to specification if at all until the line is properly repaired.

Some hydraulic hose leaks are attributable to a simple problem like a loose coupling and a temporary repair effected by the machine operators, or the site maintenance people is easily taken care of. But when a hydraulic line is cracked or broken, it is beyond salvage and the only repair option is a replacement.

Service mechanics providing Hydraulic Hoses Repair in Gary Indiana come out to the job site or factory floor equipped with tools, replacement couplings and hoses of whatever type the particular machine requires. Whether it’s a one- or two-braid hose or a thermoplastic line rated for 10,000 PSI pressure, they have the available hosing aboard their trucks; ready to be cut to specified length and fitted with appropriate couplings. They are able to reproduce the entire hose assembly if necessary and to safely swap out the broken lines for the new. Once the repair is completed, they will perform pressure testing on the new lines and connectors to ensure a proper fitting has been made. Post-repair testing is crucial not only to guarantee the efficacy of the actual repair but to identify additional system problems that might be occurring. The tests also ensure the safety of the rig for any operators working with it. When they are satisfied that the work has been thoroughly done, and no additional problems might be in the works, they certify the machine as fit to be returned to service.


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