The Multiple Benefits of Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing MI

An unfamiliar shaking in steering or a new sound coming from the tires can be indicative of needing a Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing MI. Other indicators are the car pulling to one side or the tires showing uneven wear. Making sure a car’s wheels are properly aligned is a service which requires minimum cost but provides maximum benefit. Vehicle safety, tire performance, and multiple car systems all function optimally with correct tire alignment. Average prices for a wheel alignment range anywhere from $65 on up to $200 depending on any warranty purchased. These numbers pale in comparison to the average $525 – $725 consumers can pay to replace a complete set of tires.

Making the minimal investment for a Wheel Alignment Service in East Lansing MI can be the difference between decreasing the life of the vehicle or extending it. Wheel alignment at Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service should be viewed as part of a car’s regular maintenance plan. It is recommended that an automobile’s tires be aligned once every 6000 miles or once every 6 months, whichever should come first. Also, if a car has hit a hole in the road substantial enough to cause alignment issues, it should be checked.

Benefits from a regular wheel alignment are enough to warrant a car owner’s attention. When tires are properly aligned, meaning they are perpendicular to the road as well as parallel to one another, friction between tires and the road is lessened. This actually allows for better gas mileage. Moreover, correct alignment extends the life of the tire and protects the tire warranty. Tires that show continued uneven wear and tear not addressed by the owner can potentially void the warranty. Safety is yet another advantage of having the tires aligned. Weather conditions often create hazardous driving conditions. Properly maintained tires provide an extra level of protection. Other significant systems benefiting from wheel alignment include the braking, steering, and suspension systems.

When an automobile displays such telltale signs as unusual tire sounds, pulling to the left or right, uneven wear and tear on the tires or the unwelcome shaking in steering, investing in a wheel alignment can produce the long-term service expected from a vehicle.

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