How to Prepare for a Visit to an Ophthalmologist in Murrieta, CA

Experts agree that it’s important for patients to schedule routine exams with an Ophthalmologist in Murrieta, CA whether they have vision problems or not, although some patients may need to see these specialists more frequently than others. Those who haven’t had their eyes checked in a while may experience some anxiety over these visits, though. This article lays out what patients should expect so that they can assuage these fears and head to their eye exams with increased confidence.

What to Bring

Patients with existing vision problems should bring their current glasses, sunglasses, and contacts to their appointments. All patients should bring information regarding their insurance carriers and primary care doctors along with a list of all medications they are taking. It’s also wise for patients to write down any questions they may have in advance so that they don’t forget them once they arrive at the office.

Transportation Arrangements

Patients whose exams will include having their pupils dilated should make plans in advance to have a ride home from their appointments. The majority of people can’t see well enough after having their eyes dilated to be able to drive themselves home safely, so it’s always better to have a transportation plan in place.

Things to Consider Before the Appointment

In order to provide their patients with optimal care, eye doctors need to know about their medical and family histories. Patients should thus give some thought to whether they have a family history of glaucoma, cataracts, or other ocular diseases, whether they have been noticing any decline in their vision, and whether their vision problems are negatively impacting any of their normal activities. This information will help to ensure that they get the specialized care they need.

What to Ask

Just about every ophthalmologist in Murrieta, CA will encourage his or her patients to seek answers to any questions they may have about their vision. These often include concerns about ocular health, recommendations for contacts or specialized glasses, concerns eye protection, and what kinds of symptoms to look out for at home. Readers can contact Temecula Eye Center Optometry Office today to schedule an appointment to get started on the process of ensuring the ongoing health of their eyes.

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