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One of the most common questions a parent has is about what age should a child visit an eye doctor. The baby should be checked soon after birth and again at about 3 or four years old. It is important to schedule an eye care appointment before the child begins school or preschool programs. Parents should schedule routine checkups and follow-up appointments as needed throughout the year. The start of a new school year is a great time to schedule an eye exam. The eye doctor can help treat any type of eye problems that could hinder learning and performance at school. It is also important for the doctor to provide advice about protecting the eyes during sports and other types of school activities.

It is important to choose a Pediatric Optometrist in Fort Collins CO who is committed to helping children and parents throughout the entire process. It is common for at least one in every twenty children to experience vision problems. The problem can become permanent if it is not treated in the early stages. Many problems are preventable and regular office visits with an eye doctor are very important for young children. This is a unique time and the Optometrist can help treat problems that will help children to have good eyesight for the rest of their lives.

Some of the common eye problems that children experience are Amblyopia, which is often called lazy eye, and Strabismus, this is when the eyes turn in different directions. Parents should consult with a Pediatric Optometrist in Fort Collins CO as soon as possible if they notice these symptoms. Some other types of eye problems include drooping eyes and nearsightedness. It is vital for parents to be very proactive about children’s eye health. This is the best way to catch eye problems early and begin the treatment needed to help resolve eyesight issues.Now is the perfect time to schedule and appointment and begin to access trusted eye care treatments. Friendly staff members can help parents feel comfortable and answer questions during the initial visit.

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