How to Make Yard Maintenance in Orange County Easy

Components of Maintaining Your Yard

When you think about yard maintenance in Orange County, it is easy to imagine beautifully kept lawns free of leaf debris and immaculate landscaping that leaves your borders and edges picture-perfect. You may take your trees and shrubs for granted. However, proper attention to pruning and trimming your trees and removing stumps and dead foliage is a substantial part of the upkeep of your property’s appearance and value.

Yard Cleanup

Your yard is a bit of outdoor space that you can call your own. It becomes more difficult to enjoy if cluttered with leaves or debris. A yard cleanup can involve raking fallen leaves, removing broken tree limbs and branches, and even mowing the lawn. If you do not have a service that picks yard debris up from your curb, you will likely have to haul it away. You can compost a lot of it if you have the means.

Tree Trimming and Removal

Trees usually add significant value to your home’s resale value, but an unhealthy oak or pine can cause devastating damage. Pruning keeps trees and shrubs not only appealing but also ensures they thrive. Trees that pose a threat to homes or underground systems need to be removed, of course. However, tree removal is potentially dangerous, labor-intensive, and disruptive to your grounds. Another challenge is being able to assess when it is time to remove a tree.

Palm Trees

If you are lucky to have palm trees in your yard, you know how they lend the feel of a tropical paradise to your property. Yet they have their unique maintenance requirements. Regular removal of dead fronds and fruit stalks ensures your palm does expend unnecessary energy. Removing fronds before they have expired, however, can damage your tree. Other considerations are skinning with the appropriate tools and treating all pruning equipment to limit the spread of disease.

Stump Removal

If you have had the misfortune of cutting down a tree, dealing with the stump is your next undertaking. You can decide whether to remove it altogether or grind it down as small as possible. Safe and nondisruptive stump removal is impossible without the proper equipment. Addressing one or more stumps on your property will likely require professional yard maintenance in Orange County.

Who to Contact

You will progress much further in your goals for your yard’s appearance by utilizing a professional rather than undergoing the maintenance on your own. Jose Martinez Tree Service, Inc offers expertise in yard cleanup, tree trimming and removal, palm tree pruning, stump grinding, and more. We have been proudly providing yard maintenance in Orange County for your residential and commercial needs since 1980.

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