How to Keep Your Roof on During a Hurricane

DIY enthusiasts can often complete a variety of tasks around their property, but when it comes to preparing for a hurricane, the DIY approach should be set aside as you investigate professional and experienced local roofing companies in Rockville, MD.

Do Not Wait Until You Receive a Weather Warning

The quality and preparedness of your roof are essential should a tornado or hurricane approach your neighborhood. Trying to contact local roofing companies in Rockville, MD after you receive the weather warning maybe leaving it slightly too late to have the work completed in time. It is better to approach a high-quality home improvement company at the earliest possible stage so they can ensure that your property becomes watertight and your roof held firmly in place before the poor weather arrives.

Because the high winds move in an unconventional manner during a tornado or hurricane, it may form a high-pressure under the roof. Without hurricane clips in place, the highest force of these winds may lift and remove the roof from your property, leaving it exposed to the worst of the weather.

Should your roof blow off, the walls may become unstable and blow out.

What Will Your Roofing Company Complete?

Your choice of local roofing companies in Rockville, MD, will inspect your current roof and make suggestions about how it can be improved or replaced to be able to withstand a potential hurricane disaster. They will almost certainly suggest that galvanized steel hurricane clips connect your roof to the walls of your property. This provides an enormous resistance against the wind.

You could try and complete some of this basic work yourself if you are good with ladders and feel confident about adding these clips/straps to your property, but do you wish to take the risk that your DIY work may not stand up to the strength of a hurricane, just because you tried to save a few dollars?

The local roofing company might find other problems with your roof that you did not know about because it is difficult to look closely at a roof from the yard or ground level.

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