Choosing the Best Snow Plow Equipment for Your Business

Keeping your outdoor driving surfaces clean in winter isn’t easy some years. Winter storms come up suddenly and make driving almost impossible. Investing in snow plow equipment is a good idea but what kind of plow should you buy? Here are some helpful tips to make the process buying easier.

What Are Your Needs?

How do you want to use your equipment? Do you plan on snow removal work as part of your business? Maybe you want something to keep your parking lot and a local road clear. For big snow removal jobs, consider a plow at least eight feet long. You can take care of smaller jobs with plows under eight feet in length.


Before you shop, decide how much you can spend on your equipment. If your budget is small, used snow plow equipment is your best option. You can buy used plows for much less money than new ones. However, you need to inspect used equipment carefully and look for signs or wear or abuse. This can save you a lot of headaches this winter.


If you own a half-ton pickup truck, you need to go with a light-duty plow. Half-ton trucks are not made for hard work, and that is why most people use 3/4 or one-ton trucks or even larger. Pushing a plow is hard on transmissions, and you need a heavy-duty transmission with an auxiliary transmission cooler for best results.

Straight or V-Shape Blades?

If cost is important, choose a straight blade with your snow plow equipment. However, straight blades only move snow in one direction. A V-shape blade gives you more control over plowing. Also, V-shape blades are the best choice for heavy-duty plowing.

Whatever plow you decide to buy, make sure to go to a trusted dealer. They have name brand equipment and offer manufacturer warranties.

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