What Are Certified Diamond Earrings?

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Jewelry

Before going shopping for earrings and other jewelry, it is important to understand what you’re looking for and why. If you’re hoping to get your favorite lady diamonds, then you’ll want to understand the importance of the GIA certified diamond rather than non-certified. You may not have purchased a lot of diamonds in the past, making it hard to know what you need.

What They Are

GIA certified diamond earrings come with an assurance that what you’ve purchased is as described by your jeweler. The premier gem laboratory  has tested and checked the diamonds according to the 4Cs and has found them to be authentic and high-quality. You can think of certification as an X-ray or blueprint of the characteristics (both inside and outside) of the jewel. Certification will identify and describe  the shape, exact weight, clarity, color, and cut quality,  including symmetry and  polish.

The Purpose

GIA certification isn’t just a ploy to make you spend more money, though it should be noted that certified diamond earrings may cost more than those that have no certification. It shows you that the retailer (the person or store you buy from) is reputable and interested in helping you make a well informed purchase.

Be sure that the certification is from GIA, or Gemological institute of America. GIA is the premier gem lab for grading diamonds and colored stones. You should also take the additional step of having the jeweler demonstrate for you that the diamond you are considering matches the certification document. This is done through careful measurement and by examining the inclusions in the diamond and matching those to the plot diagram of the diamond printed on the GIA certificate.

Not Perfect

Certification doesn’t prove that the diamonds are perfect; it accurately describes all the individual attributes of each diamond so you can be sure of exactly what you are buying.  A diamond’s features are as unique as the person you’re buying them for, and certification describes those features precisely. The certification provides assurance that the retailer is giving you accurate information and helps to protect you when purchasing. Buying jewelry set with GIA certified diamonds helps you be sure that you are getting a high quality piece.

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