How to Keep Your Charleston, SC HVAC in Great Shape Year-Round

Why spend time worrying if the HVAC system is in shape to perform? By applying simple maintenance tips, homeowners don’t have to wonder if their system is up to the task. Check out these tips for keeping your Charleston, SC HVAC in top shape all year.

Stop Overusing the System

Only use the heat and air conditioning when necessary. When mild temperatures visit the region, consider turning off the system for a while. Open windows. Use fans. Making this simple change goes a long way toward keeping the system in great shape.

Make Filter Replacement a Habit

Forgetting to replace the filter might not seem like a big deal, but it’s an essential maintenance step. Filter replacement keeps the unit from overheating and working harder than necessary. Clean filters also improve indoor air quality. Most systems require filter replacement or cleaning, if applicable, every 30 days.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

During the summer, make sure to clean the air conditioner’s outdoor unit. Do this as part of weekly landscaping maintenance. Use a garden hose to remove debris from the unit and ensure the fan’s blades move unencumbered.

Make Sure Ductwork Is Sealed

Leaky ductwork doesn’t do a home any favors. All it does is let air escape and make the HVAC system work harder to cool or heat rooms. If certain rooms aren’t getting heated or cooled properly, get in touch with a service technician to determine if the ducts are leaking.

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