Using Pest Control Services in Minnetonka to Eliminate a Mouse Problem

When a homeowner finds mouse droppings within their home, they will want to take steps quickly in eliminating a rodent problem. Failing to call pest control services in Minnetonka can lead to the multiplication of mice within the home, causing the concern of potential disease or bacteria accumulation as a result.

Here are some tips one can use to eradicate a mouse problem from a home.

Keeping The Home Clean to Make It Less Attractive To Mice

It is important that the homeowner takes the time to clean their house thoroughly on a regular schedule. If the home is not kept clean, mice will be apt to stick around because there will be crumbs present that they can take back to their lairs to eat at a later time. Vacuuming carpets and wiping down counters after meal preparation will aid in keeping mice hungry as they will not be able to find a food source as easily.

Sealing All Cracks That Lead to The Interior of the Home

The homeowner should go outdoors and take a look at the exterior of their home for any spots where mice can squeeze their way to the interior of the home. All cracks can be filled in with caulk to create a barrier so mice are not able to get inside. It is also important to take a look around window frames and bottoms of doors for any open areas where mice can get inside. These too can be filled with caulk or pieces of weather-stripping can be used to fill in gaps.

Calling A Pest Control Service to Do an Evaluation of the Problem

It is best to hire a professional pest control service for mouse removal in Minnetonka. They will have the proper pesticides to use in the home to kill mice quickly and effectively. They will also use trapping methods should the homeowner wish to avoid a killing solution to rid the home of mice.

If a homeowner wishes to find reputable pest control service in Minnetonka, they do not need to look far. They can simply call Be There Pest Control to have an evaluation done of the home to start in the mouse removal process.

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