How to Find the Best Online Mattress for Your Needs

Shopping for a mattress online is an alternative to visiting a physical store and dealing with salespeople and fewer options. In most cases, the best online mattress will come in a box straight to your doorstep in a matter of only a few days. It may also feature free shipping and a guarantee for your money-back if the mattress doesn’t fit your needs. The only real downside is that you have to toss your old mattress on your own.

Knowing It’s Time for a New Mattress

You may be uncomfortable on your current mattress and looking for a change even if your current mattress isn’t very old. That’s completely fine to decide to get better sleep. For those who need to watch their budgets closely though, the rule of thumb is that you need a new mattress every seven of eight years. It depends on the material that the mattress is made from, with memory foam mattresses lasting the longest at ten years or more.

Where Memory Foam Mattresses Excel

Those who want a firm base for their mattress are going to do well with a latex or memory foam mattress. They have much less springiness than the other options. The important things to consider with this type of mattress are the thickness and density of the foam. This gives you an idea of how deep you may sink into your best online mattress. Many new online mattresses have multiple layers of foam, some for support and others on top for comfort.

A Mattress for Any Sleep Position

Some people sleep on their backs, others prefer to sleep on their sides, and some like to sleep on their stomachs. Then there are people who might sleep in all of those positions during an average night. This can sometimes make it challenging to find a mattress that is designed for all sleep positions to be comfortable. Thankfully, memory foam contours to your body and makes sleeping relaxing, no matter what position you end up in during the night.

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