Signs it’s Time for Residential Window Repair in St. Louis, MO

Many home remodeling contractors would like their clients to believe that any time something goes wrong with their windows, they need to be completely replaced. In reality, it’s often much more cost-effective to look into Residential Window Repair in St. Louis MO. Readers can find just a few examples of when it makes sense to repair windows instead of replacing them below.

Foggy Windows

Double- and triple-paned windows may begin to fog up as they age, but this issue can typically be corrected through targeted repairs. This is occurring because air is entering the space between the panes through small gaps. Although these gaps may be imperceptible to the naked eye, they can still have a dramatic effect on windows’ efficiency.

Noticeable Drafts

Even if homeowners haven’t noticed window fogging, they should be concerned if there are noticeable drafts near their windows. If they already have energy-efficient models installed and their double- or triple-paned windows aren’t fogging up, the most likely culprit for these air leaks is the window seals. These seals can typically be replaced for much less than it would cost to install entirely new windows.

Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

If a window is not opening or closing properly, it is not as energy-efficient as it should be. The reason older windows stick is that they have small cracks or gaps that are causing excessive friction. These gaps will also cause unwanted heat transfer, so it’s worth getting those sticking windows repaired as soon as possible.

When to Replace

Although it will probably be cheaper to repair a home’s existing windows if they are exhibiting the signs of leaks listed above, there are some times when Residential Window Repair in St. Louis MO just won’t cut it. Homeowners who don’t have energy-efficient windows, for example, should consider replacing them even if they haven’t noticed changes in their monthly bills since installing new windows will help them save money in the long run. Those who have concerns about their windows’ structural integrity should also consider replacement.

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