How to Apply a Cool Roof Coating in Tucson

A roof is an essential part of any house. However, a roof is normally exposed to extreme weather conditions such as acidic rain that often has a negative impact on it. To withstand the harsh climatic condition, a great Roof Coating Tucson is important.  It is essential to note that a roof made of low slope roofing materials such as asphalt and metal offers an easier and faster installation and benefit a lot from reflective roof coating. Below are important considerations during roof installation and a guideline on how to install a great Roof Coating Tucson.

1. To begin with, clean the roof and wipe away all the leaves, debris, and other loose shingles. This will provide a proper base for the roof coat to stick.

2. Secondly, wash the roof: This can be done by using water or such chemicals as a solution containing trisodium phosphate solution.

3. Reinforce open joints around roof drains, pipe flashing, or HVAC equipment.

4. Don’t forget to repair cracks and  blisters.

5. You can also sand and repair rusted areas. This is only applicable for metal roofing.

6. Use prime uncoated iron and which is galvanized.

7. Gather the appropriate tools for application. These may include a brush for edges, work cloth, and shoes. Remember to use such clothes and shoes that are disposable after use.

8. Read and understand the instructions on the can of cool roof coating. This will assist you in your work coverage and offer a quality end product.

9. Use drop cloths and tape: This is to cover everything upon which you do not intend to get the slightest coating. These may include windows, siding, plants, and cars.

10. Strictly apply the roof coating in absence of such risks as precipitation forms or rain; wetness weakens the bond coating and the underlying roofing.

11. Use a brush to coat edges, corners and jacks around the pipes. For larger areas, use a roller.

12. Remember to install two coats. Give time, like a day between coats for curing. Take note when applying the second coat for it should be applied in the opposite direction to then first for optimal coverage.

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