How a Plating Company is Responsible for Your Automobile

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Metals

When most people think about their cars, they probably don’t consider the role a plating company could have had in the functionality of their vehicles. After all, we sometimes takes for granted how well all the individual parts of our car work as we’re driving from place to place. However, the ease of your drive can be at least somewhat attributed to the success of quality electroplating. Not even sure what that means? Read on to learn some basics about the chemical process that helps run your vehicle.

What is Electroplating?
If you were to witness electroplating actually happening, you may wonder if you were witnessing some sort of actual unknown process that turns one element into another. In fact, electroplating uses electricity to coat one material with another more precious or useful metal. Electroplating is very similar to electrolysis, which are both examples of electrochemistry, which uses chemical reactions using electricity to create useful products.

How is It Used in the Automotive Industry?
One of the most common industrial applications of electroplating is within the automotive industries. Electroplating is used not only for improving cars’ aesthetic, but also for making them run better. It is often used to refurbish older chrome parts, like grills, tire rims and bumpers. After electroplating, these worn out parts can look brand new! Electroplating is also used on a more practical basis for chrome-plating the lightweight but sturdy plastic parts that are a staple of most cars.

Why is It Important?
The electroplating that is used within the parts of your car allows the vehicle to constantly perform the functions necessary to run smoothly. For example, palladium plating used in the manufacturing of catalytic converters allows them to absorb excess hydrogen, and chrome coating lightweight plastic parts keeps everything from getting too heavy.

Electroplating is also incredibly useful in preventing corrosion of metals. This is great for not only the parts of your car that you see, but for the inner workings that need to run smoothly to get you safely from place to place. So the next time you get in your car for a long, leisurely drive, take a second to thank the plating company that’s created the parts that keep you on the move.

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