Hiring Builders in Gravesend for Paving and Driveways

Transforming the exterior appearance of your home doesn’t have to cost a bomb, because although you could spend money on home enhancements like conservatories and double glazed windows, there are some other options. Attractive paving and driveways will be a worthwhile investment, so long as you work with the right builders in Gravesend for the job. Tarmac and imprinted concrete are a couple of ideas to consider if you want to make an impression. If you require a little bit of inspiration, check out the following driveway paving ideas for the commercial or residential property.

Block Paving

You can completely change the look of an outdoor space with block paving, which is a reasonably affordable choice for paving and driveways. Builders in Gravesend will recommend this material, because it will last for 25 years or more with minimal maintenance. Normally covered by some kind of warranty, block paving driveways are available in a broad range of finishes and textures. Repairs are usually low-cost and block paving does not take long to install. In fact, installation for a big driveway could be completed in as little as three days and once completed, property value is sure to increase.

Resin-Fixed Gravel

Usually, a number of different granite stones will be combined to give gravel driveway paving a unique appearance. When fixed in place with resin, it will have a rich and glossy look. The perfect choice for commercial and domestic driveways, builders in Gravesend will allow you to choose from more than 40 colours, and could even merge some colours to create a one-of-a-kind finish. An ecological and economical choice, resin-fixed gravel is very long-lasting and will resist both weeds and water accumulation.

Cobbles and Natural Stone

Do you want to give your garden a much more attractive look, compared to a bland concrete driveway? If so, get in touch with builders in Gravesend for paving with a cobble or natural stone finish. Frost-resistant, this type of paving will maintain its condition over the years and is easy to clean with water. Fitted in a compact way, the driveway will be stable and quick to install. The best thing about natural stone is that it is recyclable, so you will be acting in an eco-conscious manner when you pay for this home improvement.

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