Traits of a Successful Team Leader

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Web Design

Being an effective team leader requires the ability to lead through a series of distinct and proficient skill-sets. To master these disciplines will place you in a leadership and results-driven mindset. These diverse roles need to be mastered so you can wear the different hats at any given moment – one at a time – or all together to lead a team to measurable success.

Effective team leaders understand their roles are a complex mix of several proficient skill-sets and can be broken down into 4 traits every successful leader should acquire to  maximize their team’s effectiveness.

The Observer

Observing and taking note of your individual team or group member’s strengths, weaknesses, work ethics, skill-sets, perspectives, and personal and professional goals will help you create an environment for office success. Each team member has different wants and needs and is motivated and stimulated by different things. It’s your job to find out what these are. Encouraging your team to communicate freely through a comfortable environment and speaking one-on-one with each of your team members will put you ahead of the game. Learning to delegate the right tasks to the right individuals with the right strengths and skill-sets – creates a great leader.

The Identifier

The identifier does just that – and in this case identifies unique motivational elements that encourage high performance levels. Since everyone has a different personality and respond to stimuli in a variety of different ways the identifier must take note and hone in on the uniqueness and potential of every individual on the team.

The Analyzer

As an analyzer you must stimulate your staff to work towards similar goals and visions that are shared between all employees or team members. As previously stated, analyzing and understanding each team member’s strengths and weaknesses is of utmost importance. Being able to maximize each group member’s proficient skill-sets to achieve these goals will bring the overall results you seek.

The Hawk

An effective team leader takes on the role of Hawk as he must take a bird’s eye view of his or her environment. The Hawk sees an aerial view and is able to see the integral pieces that make up his team. Hence, he or she strategically delegates and gets the objectives and goals completed efficiently.


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