Helpful Tips For Finding the Right Self Storage Facility in Baltimore

While a big part of choosing a Self Storage Facility in Baltimore is checking out the rates, the price should not be the only deciding factor when making a decision. It is important people take time in the process so they can be sure their property is protected. Carefully researching each storage facility and visiting to check out the premises will allow a person to make a sound decision for all of their storage needs.

There are several attributes one should look for in a self-storage facility.

• The self-storage facility should offer superior customer service from the moment a person first inquires about their services. Whether a person is simply calling for rate information or is stopping by to rent a building, the customer service should be impressive and helpful. If an individual feels like the company representative is rushed and unwilling to answer their questions, it behooves them to seek services elsewhere.

• From the office to the storage units, the premises should be very clean. If a potential customer comes in and sees a dusty, unkempt office, that should clue them in on the level of service they can expect. If the office is not even kept up, it is likely the storage buildings are not either. Individuals should ask to completely tour the facilities to ensure they are properly maintained.

• The level of security of the Self Storage Facility in Baltimore needs to be carefully checked. The facility should be well-lit, gated, and feature plenty of video surveillance equipment. It is important a person visits during the day and at night, so they can survey how well protected the storage units are.

• Ideally, a person should check to make sure the storage facility offers climate controlled units. Certain types of stored items can become damaged due to changes in temperature and moisture level. Climate control helps to eliminate these major changes and keeps a constant temperature and moisture level.

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