Have You Heard About Dental Implants in Southfield?

For many people, missing teeth becomes a big issue that can be difficult to deal with in many ways. This issue can affect your appearance, causing you to feel self-conscious. It can also affect the way you are able to eat or even talk. No matter what reason has caused you to be missing your natural teeth, you need to know there is a solution. Through Dental Implants in Southfield, your teeth can be permanently replaced so you can feel confident and regain your full function.

If you are not familiar with Dental Implants in Southfield, it can help to learn more about the procedure before you make a final decision. The first step in getting implants will involve the dentist bringing you in for anchor placement. Metal anchors are small, screw-like devices that are crafted from titanium.

Unlike other metals, titanium is able to bond with bone over time. When these anchors are placed down into the bone, the bone begins to respond and grow around the anchor. Once this happens, the anchor will be fully secure so it can hold your artificial tooth in place and provide you with the strength needed for full and normal function.

It takes time for bonding to take place. Most people go through three to six months before the process is complete. It is important this process is given ample time to occur so the dentist can be sure your artificial teeth will hold well.

After your bonding is complete, you will finally be able to receive your new teeth. These each fit tightly over your metal anchors, hiding the metal and meeting flush with your gums, for a completely natural look.

The dentist will work to make sure each tooth is put in precisely so it looks natural and will not affect the performance of your bite. Though this process takes time, it will ensure your smile looks its very best.

If you are interested in receiving dental implants, contact Making Beautiful Smiles of Southfield. Allow them to schedule you for a consultation appointment so you can learn if this process will work for you.

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