Good Things about Boric Acid

Most people have heard of boric acid or borax. You can buy borax powder in grocery and drug stores and it is commonly used to get rid of insects. However, did you know powdered and liquid boric acid has a number of benefits and here are a few you may want to check look into.

What is This Stuff?

Borax comes from boron. Boron is an element which can be considered a metal and a non-metal at the same time, because it exhibits properties of both. Borax is known by its chemical name sodium tetraborate. It can be found naturally in volcanic areas like hot springs and places where salt water has evaporated. When combined with water it becomes liquid boric acid.


Boric acid (also called H3BO3) is often used as an insecticide. It is commonly applied for roach, flea and termite control. However, both powdered and liquid borax have many more uses and benefits. For example:

 * Preventing dry rot in wood

 * Salt additive for curing animal hides

 * Bacteria control

 * Antifungal properties

 * Used in eye wash and acne products

 * Plant food (for boron deficiencies)

Liquid Boric Acid and Adhesives

When borax is added to some liquid adhesives it is easier to dispense. However, once placed under pressure it turns to a solid. Using liquid borax for starch based adhesives can provide the following benefits:

 * Dust – powdered borax can produce a great deal of dust when used in industrial applications. Liquid borax eliminates dust and the health risks associated with it.

 * Consistent viscosity – starch adhesives will not thin or thicken as easily when sitting.

 * Increased tack for better bonding

When you choose the right liquid boric acid supplier you have help creating and formulating your own products. For best results, choose a company with environmental consciousness, proven technology and support.

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