Why You Must Build Trust with Your Favorite Business Broker

By forming a bond with your favorite business broker, you will be able to exchange ideas and suggestions when you consider advertising your Seattle business for sale. Your broker will know the best time for you to sell, have a list of potentially interested purchasers and provide you with a wide range of help and assistance during the sales period.

The Hidden Marketplace

When you may be searching for a business to buy, your business broker may have private access to a list of businesses that do not wish to advertise that they may be for sale, but are willing to listen to offers. Many businesses have good reason to wish to keep a sale private, particularly as once information becomes shared knowledge generally, some customers may drift elsewhere and seek out the competitors. Over time, this will reduce the valuation of the company for sale.

Does Your Broker Have a Private List?

As you discuss your Seattle business for sale, your expert broker may be able to introduce you to a quick sale if that is your specific requirement. Their private list of individuals who wish to purchase certain types, styles and businesses within a specific price range, may lead you to a sale before the business can even be advertised.

Selling or purchasing a business from a broker’s private list takes you away from the limitations of those accessing Seattle businesses for sale in the open market.

By working closely with your business broker, you may be able to test the market for your sale by evaluating the responses that are received from potential purchasers on the private list. In this manner, you will be working within a controlled environment so that you can test whether the terms of the sale and the price are correct.

Any preferred business that can be concluded before you activate marketing and advertising costs for the sale of your business, may be a great saving, in the long journey. Conversely, by not advertising your business to the greater public, could you have achieved a better deal, overall.

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