Getting Unusual Bites? Have an Exterminator Inspect Your Home

Any homeowner that hasn’t seen thousands of termites quietly building a nest up in the rafters of their garage is fortunate. They never stop moving, they have a queen with them, and the sight isn’t pretty. Think of this happening inside the rafters of the home while the family is sleeping. They can cause so much damage to the wood, that in time, it gets so weak it’ll fall in. Many companies promise to get rid of them for the homeowner, but the big question to ask is what kind of bait are they going to use? Is it a strong chemical that’s going to harm your family or pets?

Today, exterminators assure homeowners that their product is safe to use around humans and animals. That’s the promise Atlas Exterminator Co Inc makes to its customers.

They also promise that if a homeowner has a well, the product will not get into the well rendering the water unsafe to drink. This is very important to the family. Even though they want the entire termite colony gone, they want safe methods to be used.

For people who are going to buy a home, they should have the home inspected for pests before they sign the contract. If there are infestations of pesty bats, or squirrels, termites or spiders, usually the seller will have the home exterminated, which will save the buyer’s money. If a home is brand new, Atlas Exterminator Co Inc can pre-treat it to ensure ants and other insects will pass by instead of making the home their new residence, too.

Bed bugs are another insect that’s difficult to get rid of once they enter the home and hide. They crawl into the tiniest of spaces, inside the floorboards, even along the mattress and box-spring.

When the lights are out, they come out of their hiding places and bite the family and their pets. Quite often people won’t know their home has been infested with bed bugs until they see the unusual bites on their bodies. Click Here for important information on getting rid of bed bugs.

Having a home inspected can cost $75, but senior citizens can ask for a company discount. If there are bed bugs found in the home, the company will take $75 off the total cost of getting rid of them.

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