Areas Where Leak Detection in Southaven are Needed

by | May 26, 2016 | Plumbing and Plumbers

Plumbing is hidden for aesthetic value. Most people don’t like seeing a maze of piping as part of the decor. Since most of it is hidden behind walls and running through voids in the home, a leak can develop without anyone noticing. Unfortunately the longer the leak persists, the more damage it can do. Pinpointing the leak can be difficult with a maze of piping to contend with. These are some of the areas where a leak is difficult to detect.

Sewer lines can run under concrete slabs. A visual inspection of this piping is impossible. Unfortunately, leakage in this area can cause issues with the foundation, cause warping in any flooring placed over it and can contribute to mold growth. While all of these are signs of water intrusion, Leak Detection in Southaven will be needed to pinpoint the problem area of piping.

Sometimes, piping can run through the ceilings and down the walls where it joins with other piping. This is common if there is a second-floor bathroom. While the likely culprit is somewhere in the bathroom, it can be hard to identify if it is the toilet, sink or bathtub that is having the issues. Since it can be a difficult task to tear an entire bathroom apart looking for a leak, it can help to pinpoint the problem piping.

Leakage from boiler systems is a huge problem. Since the water piping runs throughout the entire home, Leak Detection Southaven will be needed. The problem is that it can be hard to identify exactly which part is actually leaking. A huge sign that a leak is occurring is a dropping water level inside the boiler. Unusually high boiler temperatures may also indicate a loss of water. While these signs indicate an issue, they may not indicate the exact location of the leak.

Hidden leaks are among the worst problems a home can have. This is because they are constantly increasing the moisture level in the surrounding elements. Finding these leaks are very difficult. Contact Drain Go Plumbing if there is an indication of a hidden leak. Take time to browse website to find out more information about plumbing issues.

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